Entrepreneur, CORPORATE LEADER, and travel enthusiast
 On a mission to build businesses and spaces
that inspire a more inclusive and imaginative world

My personal and professional story is rooted in being a lifelong New Yorker.

Growing up engulfed in a melting pot of culture, food, and entertainment sparked my curious spirit and motivated me to prioritize travel as an adult. Since my first international trip at the age of 18, I’ve stamped my passport 21 times and counting.

I followed my heart into entrepreneurship when I discovered the unique contributions I bring to all professional ventures: corporate management expertise meets bold, imaginative vision.

I founded my first business, Global Plates, a culturally diverse food experience menu service, in the spring of 2021. Global Plates was designed to help people open their hearts, homes, and palates to preparing food from all over the globe.

What up next? Full-time entrepreneurship! The continued growth of Global Plates, and expansion of businesses within the food and travel space. I’m especially excited about developing my vision for giving young women access to the life-giving experiences that are born of travel.

Interested in joining me?

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global plates

Global Plates is a menu and experience service that helps you bring the joys of travel, culture and really good food into your home


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I love connecting with people, near and far, and finding common ground. When I can join with those who share my values and passions, true magic happens. Hope to hear from you!